Duties of Lokayukta
Duties of the Registrar
Duties of the Asst. Registrar
Duties of Accounts officer
Duties of Assistant Director(Admin)
Duties of Asst. Director(Investigation)
Duties of Director(Investigation)
Duties of Asst. Director(Investigation)

  1. To assist the Lokayukta/Up-Lokayukta/Director in investigation and inquiry of complaints filed before the Lokayukta or otherwise taken up suo-motu.

  2. To collect various documents/records/information required by the Lokayukta/Up-Lokayukta/Director for disposal of the case.

  3. To perform various functions as assigned by the Lokayukta/Up-Lokayukta/Director in connection with the investigation of the complaints.

  4. To ensure prompt and time bound investigation of various cases.

  5. To aid and assist the Lokayukta/Up-Lokayukta/Director in coming to definite conclusion about the finding of various investigation reports and discharge of his functions.

  6. To ensure compliance of provision of Lokayukta Act and Rules framed thereunder in relating to investigation/inquiry of cases and procedures laid down in section 10(IV).

  7. To coordinate with other investigating agency of the Govt. or the Central Govt., or any other person or agency as provided in section 13(II) of the Act.

  8. To ensure secrecy of information as per section 14 of the Act.

  9. To assist the Lokayukta/Up-Lokayukta/Director in implementation of section 16 of the Act relating to making suggestion.

  10. Any other function specifically assigned by Lokayukta/Up-Lokayukta/Director.

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